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Rob Nyland, PhD.

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PhD in Instructional Psychology & Technology September 2013 — August 2016

Brigham Young University
  • Dissertation Title: Transaction-Level Data in Online Assessments
  • 4.0 GPA
  • 2015 Best Student Project Award
  • 2015 IP&T Scholarship
  • Recipient of Fritz B. Burns Full-Tuition Scholarship

MA in Mass Communications September 2005 — December 2007

Brigham Young University
  • Research in online social networking and it's impact on communication.
  • Thesis Title: The Gratification Niches of Internet Social Networking, E-Mail, and Face-to-Face Communications
  • 4.0 GPA

BA in Media Arts Studies September 1998 — August 2004

Brigham Young University
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude
  • Recipient of Edwin S. Hinckley Full-Tuition Scholarship

Work experience

Global College of PME, Air University March 2021 — Current

Learning Architect / Assistant Professor
As a member of the Design and Development (DLD) directorate of the Global College of Professional Military Education, I help to build innovative, outcomes-based, online learning experiences for the Air Force. Accomplishments include:
  • Successfully transitioned 3 online programs from the Barnes Center for Enlisted Education to the Global College of PME, accounting for over 30,000 course completions.
  • Collaborated with stakeholders in the Enlisted PME program to develop a new type of online, asynchronous, problem-based learning course -- the Capstone course.  The course resulted in approximate 3000 program completions annually across 3 programs.
  • Worked as the primary learning architect for 4 faculty elective courses, WAR-981A: Thucydides, LDR-977: Leading Difficult Change, LDR-975A: Essentials of Instruction, and WAR-975A: Designing Strategists, allowing for flexible topic exploration for PME students.
  • Implemented a Social Augmentation effort for courses within the Strategy and Security Studies Department
  • Led the initiative to conduct pilots in the GCPME.  Executed on a pilot to explore the use of Perusall (a social annotation tool) in self-paced courses, as well as 4 pilots to explore new Discussion and Essay Rubrics.  Was responsible for project management, stakeholder communication, data collection, and data analysis.
  • Led an initiative to explore learning analytics in the Global College of PME.  This included working with the ASU data analyst to identify available data sources, and performing analyses on collected data using python/pandas.
  • Provided various services to the Air University/GCPME community, including:
    • AUiX Innovation Liasion for the Global College
    • Faculty Senator
    • Participant in various CPI efforts within the Global College
    • Facilitating Workshops for the Air University Teaching and Learning Center

Boise State University January 2017 — March 2021

Assistant Director, Research & Innovation
  • Lead a team responsible for partnering with faculty and staff to ensure evidence-based design practices in their online courses and programs.  This includes conducting original research and conducting evaluations.
  • Partner with online programs and courses in the advocacy for and implementation of data-driven decision making.  This includes the use of learning analytics and other forms of institutional data.
  • Conducts research into the latest trends in online learning and higher education.  Responsible for keeping team members apprised of new trends included adaptive learning, VR/AR, competency-based education, learning analytics, badges, stackable credentials, and blockchain technologies. 
  • Chair of university wide committee advocating for the adoption of Open Educational Resources and other low cost learning materials.  Strategize with other institutional units to plan professional development, courses, and research.  Frequently have consulted with the Idaho State Board of Education and the Boise State University Provost to discuss OER Strategy.
  • Responsible for change management and the adoption of new technologies in online courses and programs.  Helped the eCampus Center in the adoption of several tools including a learning content management system, an authoring platform for eTexts, and a knowledge management system.  I managed the process from needs analysis through final adoption as well as developed strategies for implementation.
  • Developed and piloted several evaluation processes to ensure that online courses are meeting standards for appropriate performance as well as meeting the learning goals of students.
  • Collaborated with other members of the eCampus Management Team to set strategy for the eCampus Center and draft policies and guidelines for employees
  • Demonstrates expertise in survey development using Qualtrics. Consult with faculty and other staff to ensure that their surveys will receive the highest response rate possible.
  • Frequently consults with instructional design team members and faculty about solutions for solving vexxing problems in their online courses.

Learning Objects, Inc. September 2013 — January 2017

Learning Engineer Consultant
  • Instructional design and development for high-profile educational clients (such as Arizona State University) in a competency-based Learning Management System
  • Worked with internal product team to develop features that would benefit instructors and learners in concordance with best practices from learning sciences literature. Used technological skills to help pinpoint bugs in the platform and suggest possible solutions to the developers.
  • Conducted multiple day in-person and web-based instructor led trainings on the use of our competency-based LMS to various internal and external partners
  • Managed project to migrate learning content from various LMSs to a custom-built competency learning platform.  Acted as a liaison with vendors based in various international and national locations.
  • Conducted research on cutting edge topics that were of particular interest to the company and that had an impact on their future strategy.  As part of this I was one of the lead authors on various white papers and book chapters covering issues related to adaptive learning, learning platforms, and competency-based education.
  • Conducted empirical research and evaluations to better understand the efficacy of the companies learning products. Partnered with university classes to test software and provide feedback regarding its use.

Brigham Young University September 2013 — August 2016

Research Assistant
For Dr. Randy Davies
  • Co-authored papers investigating the use of Learning Analytics in Education
For Dr. Rick West
  • Responsible for content creation and web redesign (from Wix to Drupal) of content for the Creativity, Innovation, and Design (CID) Group at BYU.
  • Created short video profiles highlighting student and faculty projects related to CID
  • Developed social media strategy as well as publishing schedule for website
For Dr. Peter Rich
  • Developed a web scraper using Python to automatically pull journal metrics from several research databases (Cabell's, Google Scholar, Scopus, ISI)

Lake Washington Institute of Technology September 2008 — August 2018

Adjunct Faculty
  • Development and delivery of fully online course delivered in the Canvas LMS - Humanities 110: Introduction to Film.  The course is based upon a cognitive apprenticeship model wherein students take on the role of a filmmaker for the course of the semester.
  • Responsible for the continuous improvement of the course based on student evaluation and learning analytics feedback.  Conducted several iterations of the course to improve course outcomes.

Lake Washington Institute of Technology September 2008 — August 2013

Full-Time Faculty
  • Lead faculty for the Video and Web Production AA degrees as well as additional certificates within the Multimedia Design and Production program.  Advising over 80 students at any given time.
  • Curriculum development and instruction for classes in Final Cut Pro/Adobe Premiere, Motion Graphics, Digital Sound, Introduction to Film, and Video Production.
  • Taught multiple classes in online, hybrid, and face-to-face formats utilizing both Angel and Canvas learning management systems.  Acted as a mentor for other faculty in advocating for best practices in course design.
  • Lead the program assessment process for the Multimedia Design and Production department.
  • Responsible for purchasing equipment, managing space, and hiring students to run the production lab.
  • Produced several student directed projects in which they developed marketing videos for other areas of the college.
  • Chair of the ELearning Committee, a group of faculty at the college who would advise the administrative staff in best practices for online learning.
  • Elected by peers to serve as a representative on the College Council.

Penn, Schoen, and Berland Associates April 2008 — Sep 2008

  • Survey design and analysis for high-profile technology clients to help them solve important business issues (Microsoft, Dell).
  • Worked with internal and external vendors to field survey projects

Brigham Young University Sep 2005 — July 2007

Graduate Assistant
  • Taught a lab section of Intro to Broadcasting, where students learned to compose news stories using basic MiniDV cameras and Avid Xpress Pro. 
  • Designed and taught required undergraduate course in Non-fiction film History and Theory.

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Conference Proceedings

  • Mott, J. & Nyland, R. (2015).  Difference Engine and Learning Objects, Inc. Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education. Madrid, Spain: Springer.
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Journal / Conference Reviewer

  • OLC Innovate and Accelerate Conference
  • AECT Conference
  • MSOTL Conference
  • International Journal for Open Educational Resources


  • Global College of PME - Civilian Category IV (Non-Supervisory) Annual Award
  • Global College of PME - 1st Quarter Civilian Educator Award

  • William and Flora Hewlett Foundation - OER Research Fellow

  • McKay School of Education 3 Minute Thesis - 3rd Place ($400)
  • AECT Pacificorp Design Competition Finalist
  • ETRD Young Scholar Award Finalist
  • Instructional Psychology & Technology Full Tuition Scholarship
  • Instructional Psychology & Technology Best Student Project Award
  • AECT 3 Minute Thesis Finalist
  • Fritz B. Burn Full Tuition Scholarship 

Classes Taught

Boise State University
  • Film 220: Film History & Aesthetics (online)
Brigham Young University:
  • IPT 334: Technology Integration for Early Childhood Education
  • TMA 680: Media Production Experience
  • TMA 293: Documentary History and Theory
  • Comms 260: Intro to Broadcasting (Lab Instructor)
Lake Washington Institute of Technology:
  • HUM 110: Intro to Film (online)
  • MMDP 099: Intro to Windows and Mac
  • MMDP 101: Digital Design Survey
  • MMDP 107: Digital Storytelling
  • MMDP 119: Video Production
  • MMDP 120: Digital Content Delivery
  • MMDP 139: Beginning Video Editing (Final Cut Pro and Premiere)
  • MMDP 159: Advanced Production
  • MMDP 160: Digital Sound (Pro Tools and Soundtrack Pro)
  • MMDP 170: After Effects
  • MMDP 171: Apple Motion

Software Knowledge

eLearning Development/Authoring
  • Canvas LMS
  • Articulate Storyline
  • Adobe Captivate
  • SPSS
  • MPlus
  • Python (pandas, numpy)
  • Excel
  • Microsoft Access / SQL
  • Tableau
Web Development:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JQuery
Design / Video:
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects