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Stefan Izdrail,

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About Me

• 12+ of experience facilitating cutting-edge engineering solutions with a wide range of e-commerce application and technology skills
• Proven ability to leverage full-stack knowledge and experience to build interactive and user-centered website designs to scale
• Extensive expertise in large system architecture development and administration, as well as network design and configuration

Work experience

Housing Association June 2021 — December 2021

Senior Developer

I've created a CRM for a housing association  using Laravel and implemented and biding API's in their system (XML)
The frontend was built using VueJS and Livewire with Tailwind Css.
On top of the system I've build a offline application for the opperatives on the field that allowed them to send updates to the crm and the api.

E Commerce Company Jan 2021 — May 2021

Senior Developer

I've implemented using Laravel and TDD 2 Ecommerce & Wharehouse Distribution API's in their system.
I've implemented using Laravel and TDD 2 Housing Associaction API's in their system (XML)
I've updated the payment gateways to use stripe and paypal.
I've implemented object storage cache and queue system using AWS.

Save Water Save Money Jul 2019 — December 2020

Backend Developer
• Structure several internal systems comprising order entry/management tools, conversion/revenue reporting, and production workflow tracking, as well as design custom REST APIs built in Symfony & Laravel
• Successfully installed Linux servers and virtualized environments using Docker, 
• Designed and implemented PHP web application, streamlining high-server traffic resource configuration and allocation
• Implementing AWS Services like TerraForm, AMazon SES, Ec2 Instances
• Working With react & VueJS to create Frontend Apps.

Staxoweb (Contract) 1 Jul 2018 — June 2019

Lead Fullstack Developer
As a senior developer with Staxoweb, I had the opportunity to work with technologies like golang & php for developing their clients website.
I've used frameworks like mux, gorm, laravel, symfony.I've helped setup the development deployment process using docker and laravel forge.
I've built couple of ecommerce websites using magento 2 and some wordpress plugins.
Implement and desifn deployment systems with Amazon AWS and Laravel Forge.
Created websites and Rest API's using Symfony, Laravel, Django, Flask
Working With VueJS & React to develop one page applications.

Splash Media ( Contract ) April 2018 — June 2018

Senior Developer
Development of complex timesheets web applications for internal use .
While building this I've used Symphony Framework 
OOP , AngularJS JavaScript Framework, HTML5, and CSS3 / SCSS.
Implementing AWS Services like Amzon SES and EC2

Iris WorldWide / Munchen ( Contract ) January 2017 — March 2018

Line Manager / Technical Director
As a Line Manager with Iris Worldwide, I had the opportunity to:
  • Establish web project scope by studying strategic business users; 
  • Discover and validate business and technical requirements by incorporating the business parameters; 
  • Obtain input from subject-matter experts and top-level consultants; 
  • Examen and recommend the most suitable changes to current business; 
  • Develop and writing business proposals.

With the help of the HR team, I had the chance of having a main role in the recruitment process. Being a key person helped me build a strong Agile Team using the latest approach to Atomic Design, OOP Programming and latest frontend technologies like :
  • Webpack
  • SalesForce API Implementation
  • Angular
  • Stencil
  • Laravel Mix
  • Ionic 5
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Web GL
  • VueJS
  • Symfony And Laravel
  • Flex Grid
To Develop Web solutions by formulating objectives; planning project life-cycle deliverables and resource availability; preparing installation and modifying specifications; leading the exploration, evaluation, and design of technical solutions to suit the users and clients business.

Assure quality Web solutions by developing and completing test plans using PHP Unit and Selenium helped me and my teammaintain projects and offer the shortest path in developing the most suitable solutions for the companies and their clients.

Implemented Web solutions by monitoring project progress; tracking action items using the Agile and Scrum way; conducting design and implementation reviews; examining, researching, and resolving issues; escalating issues to appropriate authority; responding to team members' concerns; coordinating requirements with interested departments.

Meets cost standards for monitoring expenses; implementing cost-saving actions.

Provided project status reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends.

I had the chance to work with one of the best marketing team in Europe and this opportunity helped solidify my knowledge in delivering the best marketing experience for both clients and users.

 when it comes to working in one of the best marketing teams in Europe and this helped me a lot when it comes to understanding the needs of the users and the clients. Working with big names in technology market like Samsung Bosh Siemens.

Katana / London (Full Time) May 2014 — December 2016

Lead Developer
Extending the agency engine ( OctoberCMS - Modular Laravel / ORM - CMS )
  • AWS Deployment
  • Implemented Google Page Speed
  • Implemented and Setup SSL Certificates across all clients
  • Elastic Search Server Setup
  • Created an CMS Document Storage using MongoDB + Angular + ElasticSearch
  • Server management ( 5 servers )
  • Implemented Jerkins CI for Deployment
  • Implementation of front-end extensions using AngularJs and SCSS
  • Development of a REST application layer using Laravel Framework for mobile app
  • WordPress Plugin Development for generating QR  Codes for WeChat 
  • Develop a Like module for RainLab Forum CMS.
  • Develop Open Source module for Magento Shopping Cart 
  • Develop Wordpress Facebook Groups Importer Plugin 
  • Develop Elastic-Search Module for improving the search results in October CMS
  • Develop microservices using Symfony Framework 2 & 3

Net Ten (Full Time ) March 2012 — May 2014

Senior Developer Italy
Development of complex web applications for a leading digital agency company using OOP JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 / SCSS.
  • Development of the deployment process with Capistrano on distributed servers.
  • Development of Rest API's
  • Used Angular.js to develop a Moto Insurance Platform with a highly interactive user interface which performs in real-time.
  • Used Laravel 3 for prototype an interface between Newrelic and our server
  • Developed and simple CMS using Laravel Angular and Scss for storing our password for databases, FTP, domains.
  • I Developed a solution for Server Side Responsive Images (RESS) used by most of our customers
  • Developed cross-browser/device touch event handler
  • Introduced to Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
  • Participated in a lot of meetings with the PHP user group from Milan.
  • Development of prototypes and support for customer projects such as Nodis, Pogliani, Henkel.
  • Develop websites using Wordpress CMS:,,
  • Develop High Trafic Microservices using Symfony Fremwork.

Technologies used : Laravel,Zend 2,Codeigniter,MySQL,JAVA
Software Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, Eclipse, PHPStorm.


Computer Science 2010 — 2014

Spiru Haret University
  • Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Calculus
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Science Theory
  • Computer Theory
  • Data Logic
  • Data Management
  • Design Physics
  • Device Utilization
  • Electronic Design
  • Files and Databases
  • Information Management
  • Logic Design
  • Machine Language
  • Network Fundamentals
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming Languages
  • Statistics

Skill Set


Awareness of the Web Development industry, and new technologies.
Developing multi-user applications within an (SOA) service orientated architecture.
Writing up technical manuals and user instructions.
Knowledge of international web standards and protocols.


I have a lot of know-how when it comes to databases like MySqlPostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite

PHP Frameworks

Development of a Laravel, symfony framework, Slim & Codeigniter Framework packages.
Developed applications with Laravel, Codeigniter, Slim, Lumen, Zend Framework.

Python Frameworks

For when developing microservices aplications with python I've used Django and Flask.

Golang Frameworks

For when developing microservices aplications with Golang I've used mux and many more tools.


Source code version control with Subversion/GIT/Mercurial


Operating Systems
Mac OS X, Debian/Ubuntu and CentOS Linux, Windows.

Dev Ops

Setup Google PageSpeed Plugin
Server Setup - Centos 6,7
Setup and management NGinx
Server Setup PHP Lib & Extensions
Setup and management PHP Daemon
Setup and management Redis & Memcached
Setup and management SMTP Server
Setup and management MongoDB Server
Setup and management FTP Server
Setup and management of Apache/Nginx web server
Setup and management of MySQL Database Server
Setup and manage Server panels ( Webmin, ISCP, Cpanel, VestaCP )

Frontend Javascript Frameworks
JQuery Mobile

Frontend CSS Frameworks 
Bootstrap 3, 4
Foundation 5, 6
Bulma 1.0
Uikit 3.0


Mobile App -

Mobile App -

Laravel Project
Laravel Project :
Laravel Project:
Laravel Project :
Laravel Project
Laravel Project :
Rest Api Integration
Rest APi Intergration
Rest Api Integration : ( booking API implemented ) 
Wordpress: ( custom plugin for extracting content from StackOverflow )
Wordpress: (custom theme, custom plugin )
Wordpress: ( custom theme, custom plugins, responsive, visual composer )
Wordpress: ( social network built using BuddyPress ) 
Codeigniter Project
Codeigniter Project ( Social Network / Ads Network ) 

Codeigniter Project ( Corporate website ) 

Codeigntier Project ( Ecommerce store ) 

Magento Store :

Magento Store :

Magento Store :

Magento Store : - Python Project using DjangoCMS

Golang Project CVLibrary,co,uk Golang Scrapper


Magento Development Certification
Wordpress Development Certification
Laravel Development Certification


Available at request.


NPL Tools like OpenGPT, Numpy, Pandas,
Continuous Integration Tools
Frontend Technologies