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Daniel Sjö


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  • C | C++ | C# | JavaScript | PHP | GDScript | Python | Lua | Git | jQuery | Ajax | WordPress | Shopify | OpenCart | Unity | Godot | PlayCanvas | LogicPro
  • Game Development | OOP | Frontend | Backend | Full-Stack
  • English | Swedish | Thai

Work experience

Girit Interactive Apr 2022 — Present

Web Developer
•  Maintained and implemented WordPress and Shopify sites in accordance with client requirements and specifications.

Self-Employed Jan 2018 — Present

Freelance Developer
•   Designing and developing websites using a variety of platforms and technologies including WordPress, Shopify, OpenCart, HTML+CSS, and JavaScript.
•   Configured and maintained a Linux server utilizing OpenLiteSpeed, implementing advanced security measures to ensure optimal performance and protect against potential threats.
•   Provided consultation and advice on online business and technology strategies, tailored to the unique needs and budget constraints of clients, to support their growth and success.
•   Developed and designed a game using the Godot and Unity game engine.

Optalenty Sep 2020 — Apr 2022

Web Developer
•   Developed and maintained WordPress sites for top-tier brands, with a focus on optimizing for speed and user experience to achieve compliance with Google's core vitals.
•   Implemented new features to enhance existing sites, utilizing a combination of coding and page builder techniques depending on the specific needs of the project.
•   Designed and developed a custom WordPress site from the ground up in accordance with the client's specific requirements and specifications.

Fantasma Games Apr 2017 — Dec 2017

Game Developer
•   Developed games utilizing C++ and a proprietary game engine, as well as Javascript with the PlayCanvas game engine.
•   Pioneered the role of in-house programmer for the company and established a comprehensive game production workflow, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.
•   Led the introduction of new and user-friendly game engines to the development team, promoting ease of use and collaboration, resulting in a successful transition from outsourcing to in-house development teams.

Sandbox Global Sep 2016 — Feb 2017

Unity Developer & Game Designer
•   Developed and maintained a portfolio of published games using Unity, including creating and implementing new features and content, designing and developing new levels, and continually improving the overall quality of the games.
•   Conceptualized and prototyped new game ideas and concepts using Unity, utilizing industry-standard design principles and tools to bring innovative and engaging experiences to players.
•   Implemented advanced functionality using Unity to optimize the QA workflow and improve efficiency, resulting in significant time savings for the development team.

Arkavis Siam Co., Ltd. Jun 2016 — Aug 2016

Freelance Music Composer
•   Compose original music for the video game "Gears of Steal" to enhance the gameplay experience and elevate the game's overall aesthetic.

Thunderkick Jan 2016 — Jul 2016

Sound Designer & QA Intern
•   Internship at ThunderKick was a part of FutureGames's Game Design Course.
•   Conducted thorough QA testing and reported bugs to ensure the highest level of quality for the final product.
•   Composed and produced original sound and music for game prototypes, utilizing industry-standard software and techniques.
•   Optimized sound files for the final build of games, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance across various platforms and devices.


Game Design Sep 2014 — Aug 2016

  • Game Project 1: Balls of Zteel (Unreal Engine 4, Blueprint) - Scripting, Sound Design, Music Composition
  • Game Project 2: Orbit (Unreal Engine 4, Blueprint) - Scripting, Sound Design, Music Composition
  • Game Project 3: The Next of Kin (Unity, C#) - Scripting, Sound Design