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Joshua Rust


******* University*****
*** *** * Woodland**** ****
*** DeLand*** Florida**** *****

3**-8**-8*** (M)

Scholarship Focus

AOS: social ontology, experimental philosophy, John Searle

AOC: 20th century analytic philosophy, philosophy of social science, ancient philosophy, ethics, philosophy of law, philosophy of mind

Academic Employment

Stetson University Aug 2007 — Present

Associate and Assistant Professor

Metropolitan State College, Denver Aug 2006 — May 2007

Visiting Assistant Professor

University of California, Riverside 2004 — 2005


San Bernardino Community College 2004 — 2006

Adjunct Professor

Riverside Community College 2003 — 2003

Adjunct Professor


University of California, Riverside 2005

Ph.D., Philosophy
Dissertation: Searle's Ideal Type: Rethinking the Construction of Social Reality
Committee members: Eric Schwitzgebel (Chair), Gary Watson, Larry Wright

London School of Economics 2006

MS.c., Philosophy of Social Science

University of California, Riverside 2001

M.A., Philosophy

University of California, Berkeley 1997

B.A., Philosophy

Irvine Valley Community College, CA 1995

A.A., Philosophy



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Encyclopedia Articles

Joshua Rust. 2017. "John Searle." Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online, edited by Paul Livingston and Tim Crane.

Book Reviews

Joshua Rust. 2012. “Empirical Social Choice: Questionnaire-Experimental Studies on Distributive Justice, Gaertner and Schokkaert. Cambridge University Press, 2012, 228 Pages.” Economics and Philosophy 28 (03): 443–50.

Anthony J. Abbott and Joshua Rust. 2012. “William Ophuls: Plato’s Revenge.” Human Ecology 40 (3): 479–81.

Joshua Rust. 2011. “John R. Searle: Thinking about the Real World.” Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

Popular Philosophy Articles

Susan Peppers-Bates and Joshua Rust. 2012. “House-Elves, Hogwarts, and Friendship: Casting Away the Institutions Which Made Voldemort’s Rise Possible.” Reason Papers 34 (1): 109–24

Susan Peppers-Bates and Joshua Rust. 2010. “A Vampire’s Heart Has Reasons That Scientific Naturalism Can’t Understand.” In True Blood and Philosophy: We Wanna Think Bad Things with You, edited by William Irwin, George A. Dunn, and Rebecca Housel, Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.


2019 Aug. "Max Weber and Social Ontology." European Network of Social Ontology at Tampere, Finnland.

2018 Oct. "Max Weber and Social Ontology." Critical Social Ontology Workshop at St. Louis University, St Louis, MO.

2018 Aug. "Institutional Identity." Social Ontology 2018 Conference at Tufts University, Boston MA.

2018 July. "Patrimonialism and a Literary Education: Exemplars in the Non-Rational Modes of Authority." XIX International Sociology Association World Congress of Sociology. Toronto, CA. July 15-21, 2018.

2018 Jan. Chair and Organizer of the Florida Philosophical Association group session at the Eastern American Philosophical Association conference. Savannah, Georgia.

2017 Nov. "What Kind of Institutional Fact is Money?" Conference of the Florida Philosophical Association. Ocala.

2017 Aug. "Money and Deontic Power." Fifth Conference of the European Network on Social Ontology. Lund, Sweden.

2017 June. “Real Social Kinds and the Continuity Between Institutional Statuses and Technical Artifacts.” Critical Social Ontology Workshop - 1 st Annual Meeting. June 16th-17th, 2017. Saint Louis University, MO

2016 Aug. "Status Functions, Constitution, and Metaphsyical Vagueness" Presented at Collective Intentionality X, den Haag.

2016 Oct. Stetson Faculty Spotlight lecture series: "Weber on Traditionalism."

2015 Oct. The Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Theory (FEAST), with Susan Peppers-Bates. "Desegregation and the Goals of Democracy."

2015 May. NCORE, with Beth Paul (Stetson University Provost), Kimberly Flint-Hamilton, and Resche Hines. "Transformation From Within: A Model for Weaving Inclusive Excellence into the Fabric of a Unviersity."

2014 Nov. Florida Philosophical Association. "Trusting in and Trusting with: an Account of the Charismatic Relationship."

2014 March.  "Democracy in America: Participation and Social Justice Conference" hosted by Stetson University, with Susan Peppers-Bates."Deracing Place: Care respect, Desegregation and Implicit Bias and the aims of Democratic Governance."

2014 Feb. “Race and Place: Cultural Landscapes of Black Life in America,” sponsored by the University of South Florida Institute on Black Life, with Susan Peppers-Bates.  “Deracing Place: Care Respect, Desegregation an Implicit Bias in American Society.”

2013 Dec. American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division. “John Searle and the Analyzability of Institutional Reality: Charisma, Deontology and Exemplarization”.

2013 Oct. 2nd Annual Dr Todd Bates Lecture at Bethune-Cookman University. “The Moral Behavior of Ethicists and the Power of Reason.”

2012 Nov. Work Group on Human Rights, Social Justice, and Democracy at Stetson University. “The Moral Behavior of Ethicists and the Rationalist Delusion.”

2012 Nov. Florida Philosophical Association. “The Moral Behavior of Ethicists and the Rationalist Delusion.”

2012 March. University of South Florida. “What Austin Said: On Misunderstanding How to do Things with Words”. 

2011 Oct. “‘The Power to Imagine Better’: The Philosopher of Harry Potter” conference, with Susan Peppers-Bates at Marymount Manhattan College.  “Friendship, Identity Politics and Harry Potter.”

2010 Nov. Florida Philosophical Association. "What Austin Said: a Reinterpretation of How to do Things with Words."

2010 Aug. UCLA Summer New Media Institute: Young Community Leaders Program. “What’s in a Game? Heidegger and Computer Gaming.” 

2009 April. American Philosophical Association, Pacific division. “Informative Rejections of Requests for Explanation”. 

2008 Nov. Florida Philosophical Association. “John Searle’s Relational Definition of Mind.”

2008, June. Poster. SPP Workshop on Experimental Philosophy, with Eric Schwitzgebel. “Do Ethicists vote more often than other professors? Do political scientists?” 

2008 April. University of Central Florida: “Austin, Searle and the Distinction between Locutionary and Illocutionary Acts”

2007 Nov. Florida Philosophical Association. “Are Ethicists Ethical? Empirical Support for Aristotle’s Moral Particularism.” 

2007 April. University of Colorado at Denver. “Some Criticisms of John Searle’s Methodological Strategies” 

2007 March. Metropolitan State College, Denver. “Searle’s Biological Naturalism as an answer to the mind-body problem: a critique” 


2017 April. Summer Grant awarded by Stetson University.

2016 April. Summer Grant awarded by Stetson University.

2014 Fall. Nominated for the 2016 Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching by Karen Ryan, the Dean of Stetson University's College of Arts and Sciences.

2014 Spring. Sabbatical awarded by Stetson University.

2013 August. Tenure and promotion to Associate Professor awarded by Stetson University. 

2013 April. Summer Grant awarded by Stetson University.

2012 Sept. Award winner of Emerald’s Outstanding Author Contribution award for "Hayek, Connectionism and Scientific Naturalism" in Advances in Austrian Economics (v 15).

2012 April. First Year Student Advocate Award. Presented by Stetson University.

1999-2005. Fellowship awarded at U.C. Riverside. 

2002-2003. Teaching Assistant of the Year. U.C. Riverside. Awarded by the Graduate Division of U.C. Riverside.

Academic Service

Professional Service

Secretary/Treasurer for the Florida Philosophical Association (2009-present). Duties include yearly conference organization.

Referee work for HypatiaThe Journal of Moral Education, International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion, Experimental Philosophy, Philosophy of Social Science, Philosophy of Science, and Grazer Philosophische Studien, Florida Philosophical Review, and Philosophical Psychology. I've also refereed book proposals for Palgrave Macmillan and Bloomsbury.

University Service

Faculty Senate (2019-present)

Philosophy Department Chair (2016-present)

Curriculum Committee (sabbatical leave replacement): Chair of Policy Sub-Committee (Fall 2017-Spring 2018)

Tenure, Grievance, and Academic Freedom Committee: member (2015-present)

Three Tenure and Promotion ad hoc committees: Chair of Melinda Hall's Tenure and Promotion committee and member of the other committees.

Academic Degree Completion program committee member (2018-present)

CAS committee for teaching mock classes: member (2016-present)

Humanities Division Secretary (2011-2012, 2016-present)

Pre-law Advisory Committee: member (2007-present)

Stetson Social Justice Lecture Series committee: co-chair and member (2013-2018)

Sustainability Working Group: member (2016-2017)

Degree Completion Program taskforce: member (2016-2017)

Values in the Curriculum Coordinator (2014-2017)

Stetson Values committee: Co-chair of Global Citizenship (2012- 2015)

Task Force on the Academic Environment: member (2014-2015)

Stetson University General Education Leadership Committee: member (2013-2014)

Stetson Philosophy Club: faculty advisor (2007-2014)

Faculty Senate: member (2012-2013)

Stetson University Diversity Council: member (2010-2012)

Courses Taught

Research in Philosophy (PHIL 399)

Social Ontology (PHIL 390, Special Topics in Philosophy)

Philosophy of Law (PHIL 300)

Epistemology (PHIL 351)

The Law as Memory: Legality, Morality, and Poetry (PHIL 390, Special Topics in Philosophy)

Metaphysics (PHIL 352)

The Philosophy of John Searle (PHIL 390, Special Topics in Philosophy)

Scientific Naturalism and the Modern Worldview (PHIL 400, Department Seminar)

Ethical Reflection and Action: Kant and Rawls (PHIL 390, Special Topics in Philosophy)

Philosophical Methods: Free Will (PHIL 475)

Inquiry and Explanation (Phil 390, Special Topics in Philosophy)

History of Ancient Philosophy (PHIL 250H)

Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 101B)

Introduction to Logic (PHIL 104Q)

Honors first year seminar: Enduring Questions—Sustainability, Utopian Thought, and the Museum (HON101)

Honors seminar: Justice and Ethics from a Global Perspective (HON 2)

Honors Tutorial (HON 202)

Graduate Classes Taken

UC Riverside (M.A., PhD in Philosophy)

1998 Fall
Phil-255A First Year Graduate Proseminar: Descartes' Passions of the Soul (Paul Hoffman)
Phil-280 Seminary in Contemporary Philosophy: Philosophy of Psychology (Eric Schwitzgebel)
Phil-131 20th Century Analytic Philosophy (Dominik Sklenar)
1999 Winter
Phil-255B First Year Graduate Proseminar: Reference and Indexicality in the Philosophy of Language (Howard Wettstein)
Phil-280 Seminar in Contemporary Philosophy: Reasoning and Argument (Larry Wright)
Phil-124 Formal Logic (Dominik Sklenar)
1999 Spring
Phil-255C First Year Graduate Proseminar: Gadamer (Georgia Wankel)
Phil-270 Seminar in Individual Philosophers: Kant's Critique of Practical Reason (Andrews Reath)
Phil-125 Intermediate Logic (Erich Rech)
1999 Fall
Phil-270 Seminar in Individual Philosophers: Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations Part I (Larry Wright)
Phil-290 Directed Studies
2000 Winter
Phil-270 Seminar in Individual Philosophers: Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations Part II (Larry Wright)
Phil-270 Seminar in Individual Philosophers: Kant's Critique of Pure Reason (Andrews Reath)
2000 Spring
Phil-280 Seminar in Contemporary Philosophy: Evil - a Topic in Moral Psychology (Eric Schwitzgebel)
Phil-185 Marxist Critique (Georgia Warnke)
2001 Winter
Master's Thesis: Ideological Intractability: Contributing to Completeness (Adviser: Georgia Warnke)
Phil-280 Seminar in Contemporary Philosophy: Race, Gender, Sex, and Identity (Georgia Warnke)
2001 Spring
Phil-270 Seminar in Individual Philosophers: Epictetus (David Glidden)

Courses taken only for credit:
Phil-280 Seminar in Contemporary Philosophy: Recent Works in the Philosophy of Mind - Know-how and Vehicle Externalism (Eric Schwitzgebel)
Phil-270 Seminar in Individual Philosophers: Kant's Ethics (Pierre Keller)
Phil-283 Seminary in Contemporary Philosophy: Rule Following (Larry Wright)
Phil-282 Kant (Pierre Keller)
Phil-282 Wittgenstein (Larry Wright)
Phil-283 Seminary in Contemporary Philosophy: Scientific Explanation (Larry Wright)

London School of Economics (MSc in the Philosophy of Social Sciences, 2005-2006)

PH413 Philosophy of Economics I (Nancy Cartwright)
PH413 Philosophy of Economics II (Richard Bardley)
PH405 Philosophy of Social Science (Jason McKenzie Alexander)
PH400 Special Topics I: Theories, Models and Scientific Representation (Roman Frigg)
PH400 Special Topics II: Determinism, Predictability, and Chaos (Stephan Hartmann)


Eric Schwitzgebel (experimental philosophy) 
Professor of Philosophy of Philosophy
UC Riverside 
eschwitz -at-
(951) 827-4288 

Asa Burman (social ontology)
Assistant Professor of Practical Philosophy
Stockholm University
asa.burman -at-

Michael Rosenberg (Max Weber scholar)
Retired Professor, Sociology at Dawson College, CA
Presently part-time Instructor, Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University, CA
michael.rosenberg -at-
514-332-5703 (home phone)