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Kaliah Perry


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I'm Kaliah (kuh-LEE-uh). I'm very hands on: I craft, I sew, and I play piano. I've also worked at a few design-focused retail jobs. But my true passions are web and graphic design. I taught myself HTML when I was 11, CSS when I was 14, and Javascript and PHP when I was 15. I started off making website themes from scratch (in MicroSoft Notepad) but recently I've started using site building programs to see help accelerate the design process for when I land freelancing gigs. (I always end up adding my own codes here and there anyway.)

I had always thought of web and graphic design as a hobby until much more recently, which is why I have so little education or job experience in those areas. My work experience has mostly been in retail and customer service, but this has allowed me to be great with people, extremely patient, and taught me to always have a smile on my face! Although the design world is important to me, I realize as time goes that a more steady income is what I need to maintain my everyday lifestyle. I'm a very determined, hardworking individual, and hands-on work is my forté. When I have a goal, I take the steps necessary to achieve it with thoughtfulness and persistence.

Skills & Specialties

Computer Proficient, Great Customer Service, Cash Flow Management, Verbal and Witten Communication, Time Management, Strong Work Ethic, Handling Work Under Pressure, Creativity, Multitasking, Adaptability, Hands-On Work, Store Presentation, Organization, Apparel Styling, Item Styling, and Product Demonstration.

Work experience

Crest Cleaners Sep 2017 — Present

Customer Service Representative
Greet and welcome customers, assist with pickup and drop-off orders. Satisfy any special attention requests including starch quantity, pre-spotting, press type, or alterations. Make sure customer information is up-to-date. Inspect garments for stains, tears, missing buttons, or items/trash in pockets. Tag garments according to customer information and/or special attention needs, separate garments to be sorted based on item type. Help with production tasks: hanging dry cleaned clothes to be pressed, shaking out laundered shirts to be pressed, checking and fixing buttons, neatly folding shirts to be boxed, and sorting hangers for re-use. Scan items by tag to be sorted and filed away. Keep front of store clean by tidying up tags, pens, and other tools at front registers. Sweep, mop and take out trash and recycling. Handle cash when necessary, or perform digital tasks for other forms of payment. Operate store when manager is absent.

Safeway Jan 2017 — Jul 2017

Coffee Clerk
Create hand-crafted coffee and tea beverages. Operate coffee brew equipment. Operate cash register. Interact with high volume of customers at a fast pace. Provide fast, friendly, and efficient service to customers. Clean and prep food preparation areas, tools, and equipment. Work independently, using timers and task cards as necessary. Use written communication skills to keep team informed on important daily tasks and events.

Sephora Oct 2015 — Apr 2017

Operations Consultant, Sales Associate
Lead and perform all operational programs and tasks on an ongoing, scheduled basis, as designated. Seek out clients and ensure and amazing experience through service, selling, and product application. Use visual merchandising to create a beautiful environment for clients to shop. Lead and maintain monthly floor sets, weekly merchandise updates, and receive all shipment. Be detail-oriented and organized when replenishing stock to improve operational efficiency and decrease shrinkage. Manage all merchandising processes, including return to vendor and markdowns, ensuring all deadlines are met. Be passionate about merchandise and posses a deep understanding of visual design, concepts, and presentation.

Paper Source Oct 2015 — Oct 2016

Keyholder, Customer Service Assistant
Participate in developing original displays to create a warm and engaging environment for customers. Use strong merchant skills to create an unimagined, inspiring, and dynamic experience for customers. Work with customers on the sales floor and communicate product knowledge to suit their needs. Maintain standardization of product placement using high-end specialty visual merchandising. Handle cash responsibly and apply computer proficiency skills at checkout for an effortless customer purchase experience. Have a thorough understanding of the company point of view and aesthetic, and have a constant awareness of trends in crafting and custom print.

Starbucks Dec 2009 — Nov 2015

Shift Supervisor, Barista
Assist the store manager in executing store operations during scheduled shifts. Delegates tasks so that partners can create and maintain the Starbucks Experience for our customers. Anticipate customer and store needs. Assist with new partner training. Organizes opening and closing duties as assigned. Follow operational policies and procedures, including those for cash handling and safety and security. Provide quality beverages, whole bean, and food products consistently for all customers by adhering to all recipe and presentation standards. Follow health, safety and sanitation guidelines for all products.

SophistiCandy Oct 2011 — Jan 2015

UI Designer, Content Curator
Use content management skills to design, create and implement visual graphics. Draft, write and edit entries to be posted on schedule. Handle back-end development and search engine optimization. Regulate and schedule post summaries for social media marketing. Research target demographic and reader trends. Organize, prep and style prop items when necessary for photographic entries. Stay within design budget while maintaining UX and UI design on the website front-end. Seek and assist readers and affiliates with questions, comments, and general interest in the site to maintain friendly and helpful blog atmosphere.


Computer Science Aug 2008 — Jan 2009

Northern Virginia Community College

Food Safety Certification Jan 2014



Item Styling, Inventory Organization, Merchandising and Product Presentation, Handmade (DIY) Crafting, Fashion and Accessories, Cosmetics, Health and Beauty, Cooking and Baked Goods, Handcrafted Beverages


References available upon request.