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Alexander Veysov


****** Russia***


Management skills:
  • Experience of managing a team of 5 under my direct management and planning it-team resources;
  • Managing several projects at the same time;
  • Writing technical specifications for developers;
  • Building business processes from scratch as well as modifying legacy processes;
Data-analysis / modeling / data-mining skills:
  • Top 10% Kaggle in 1 competition (as of solution upload date);
  • Software and tools I used: 
    • Python (Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Seaborn, Matplotlib, XGBboost);
    • SQL and SQL stored procedures;
    • PostgreSQL + PHP;
    • Eviews;
    • Excel;
    • GNU Octave (GNU Matlab);
  • Areas of knowledge that I am acquainted with and use in practice: 
    • Linear algebra;
    • Calculus;
    • Econometrics;
    • Machine learning;
  • Algorithms which I use / have knowledge of: 
    • Regressions (simple, logistic, auto-, panel, neural nets - they are basically regressions), 
    • Supervised learning (basically the same regressions, but using gradient descent) + tree ensembles, 
    • Unsupervised learning (K-means / cluster analysis, PCA, anomaly detection), 
    • Other (regularization, model comparison, error analysis);
    • Gradient boosting (XGBboost); 
  • Build hundreds of applied analysis models in Excel:
    • Financial models;
    • Decision making models; 
    • Project evaluation (IRR); 
    • Conversion funnels;
    • Voting evaluation;
    • Investment decision making (IRR, MOC);
  • Applied experience of building a SEO-service (tags, similar artists, artist BIOs);
  • In business practicenever worked with Hadoop ecosystem but interested in having an experience with it;
  • Fluent English (consume 95% of content in its original form). Last time I scored 111/120 in TOEFL exam without any preparations;
  • German - B2 during last examination;
  • Spanish - C2 - passive knowledge;
  • Ample experience of supporting / managing legal negotiations / developing documents under Russian or English law (SHA, SSA, company public offers, etc);
  • Business emails;
  • Writing technical requirements if necessary; 

Hard / technical skills:
  • PostgreSQL (4/5) - can write any SQL queries and database scripts (wrote SQL-backend for 2 APIs in;
  • OS - Linux - beginner level of system administration and every day use (back-ups, cron, bash-scripts, software installation, basic monitoring);
  • PHP (3/5), Python (2/5) - (from a  purely programming stand point);
  • JS frameworks + AJAX, HTML, СSS  - do not like front-end, but if required can use boilerplate solutions. Now I am in the process of deploying a hobby project based on React;
  • Legacy and its refactoring;
  • Basic principles of web-services (API, basic machine architecture);


Probabilistic Graphical Models Jan 2017 — Feb 2017

Stanford University

Machine Learning Oct 2016 — Jan 2017

Stanford University

Introduction to Data Science in Python Dec 2016 — Dec 2016

University of Michigan

Master Field Of Study Financial Economics 2011 — 2013

Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) MFA Russia (MGIMO)

Bachelor of Arts (BA) 2007 — 2011

Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) MFA Russia (MGIMO)
Magna cum laude.

Major Fields Of Study:
- Economics;
- Languages;
- Mathematics;
- Finance;

You can view my papers on my LinkedIn page.

Advanced Linear algebra and Calculus 2011 — 2011

New Economic School (Moscow)

Theory and Practice of IAS 2010 — 2010

Ernst & Young

Theory and Practice of IAS 2010 — 2010


Virtual Institute study tour to Geneva-based international organizations 2010 — 2010


Work experience 2017

Growth Hacker
Growth hacking role on the international broker
Key responsibilities:
- Data analysis / data mining;
- Ensuring fast and efficient growth of the company client base;
- Developing new company frontend capable of 10x load; Jun 2015 — Oct 2016

Product manager
Managed a team of five.

Successfully launched the following projects (in the capacity of  product / product +  project / product + project + coding):
  • Legacy code refactoring in the financial part of the back-end;
  • Transfer of the company from VAT tax regime to mixed VAT/no-VAT tax regime (SQL coding, technical requirements, process, control and audit);
  • Report service re-launched (admin modile + new report API + business tier + transport);
  • Analytic emails service;
  • New SEO-services (artist bio pages, tags cleaned and extended, news collection for rewriting);
  • Payment conversion boosted by 30% (4 iterations of payment page) + payment provider cost reduced by 30-40%;
  • Built the proper business process of client ticket refunds;
  • SEO-service for specific parsing of Google and Yandex;
  • AB testing framework implemented;
  • Technology push - move away from cart to widget;
  • Deep back-end : automated internal audit processes, company info pages, integrations with 1C;
  • 2nd and 3rd iteration of mobile app launched (with outside contractor) - iOS + Android (v2, v3);
Please see the qualifications section for relevant skills obtained during these projects. Ma 2014 — Jun 2015

Financial Controller
Key achievements / responsibilities:
  • Establishing reporting, budgeting, internal audit;
  • Formula 1 Grand Prix tender negotiations and preparation;
  • Financial oversight and successful financial closure of Formula 1 Grand Prix general ticketing agent project
-- Managed to achieve x2 revenue margin and EBITDA margin of the competitor next year due to aggressive bidding;
-- Financially profitable project;
-- No losses and no "dead" accounts receivable (Formula 1 promoter in Russia is a government building company owning Sochi Olympic objects);
  • Preparation to back-end refactoring;

Buran Venture Capital Jun 2012 — Mar 2014

Investment analyst -> Associate
Was the first employee of the Russian boutique VC fund / M&A firm.
Key achievements / responsibilities:
  • Established deal pipeline process;
  • Closed several VC and advices on several M&A deals;
  • Looked on more than 1,000 startups within 2 years;
  • Due diligence of several dozens of companies;
  • Supporting deals in terms of negotiations and documents;
  • IT-administration (developed company website in notepad w/o prior knowledge of programming and web;

Yum! Brands (KFC RUSSIA) Jan 2012 — Jun 2012

Junior Financial Analyst
Junior Financial Analyst in the Capex department in Fortune 500 company.

Key responsibilities:
- CAPEX planning;
- Financial forecasting;
- Financial planning;
- PL analysis;
- Project IRR calculation;

Moscow State University of International Relations Jul 2010 — Jul 2013

Research fellow

State sponsored research in the field of macroeconomics / international finance. 
Several research projects were sponsored by various government entities. 
Key areas of focus: 

  • Cluster analysis of global financial system;
  • Convergence analysis;
  • Analysis of impact of financial system on economic development;
As a result a number of working papers were published. To see them please follow the links:

The Institute of Economics of Russian Academy of Science Dec 2011 — Mar 2012

Research fellow
Participatied in privately sponsored research projects focused on producing analytic reports in the following areas: 
  • Russian banking system and capital markets;
  • International finance;
  • Macroeconomics;
Articles available upon request.


Personal blog 
- telegram
- web (work in progress)


References available upon request:
- Michael Szalontay - managing partner Buran Venture Capital (Moscow VC fund);
- Alexey Kondratiev ( CTO);
- Michael Stolbov (research supervisor);

Please also refer to the following page (in Russian) - .