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Matthew D. Salomone

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Work experience

Bridgewater State University Sep 2022 — Present

Interim Associate Dean
Bartlett College of Science & Mathematics, Bridgewater State University
  Coordinate course scheduling, institutional assessment, student services, 
    and special projects for seven STEM departments
  Manage ~$1.8M part-time faculty instructional budget

Bridgewater State University Sep 2022 — Present

(Promotion effective Sept. 1, 2022; on leave while serving as interim associate dean)

Bridgewater State University Sep 2015 — Present

Associate Professor
Chairperson, Department of Mathematics (2017–present)
  Launched "Math Boot Camp" program to support students' developmental mathematics
  Provided faculty development and technological support for pivot to remote teaching
  Coordinated ongoing reforms of math placement testing and new student advising
Director, Math Services (2009–2017)
  Director of mathematics tutoring and structured learning assistance programs
  Coordinator of curriculum and instruction for developmental mathematics
Coordinator, Quantity Across the Curriculum (2013–2017)
  Coordinate faculty development across disciplines on quantitative reasoning
  Assist with university-wide assessment of students' quantitative skills
  (2012) BSU Presidential Award for Excellence in Collaboration to Improve Teaching, with S. Sheriff

Bridgewater State University Sep 2009 — Aug 2015

Assistant Professor • Director, Math Services
Co-investigator, STREAMS STEM retention grant (NSF-STEP), 2009-2014

  Designed and oversaw Bartlett College of Science & Mathematics' structured learning assistance program 

Bates College Sep 2008 — June 2009

Visiting Assistant Professor
Designed series of applied projects for numerical analysis course

University of Arizona Sep 2006 — June 2008

Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow
Co-coordinator, Undergraduate Teaching Assistant program

Co-coordinator, Mathematics Instruction Colloquium


Ph.D., Mathematics Sep 2001 — June 2006

Northwestern University
Dissertation: Quasi-Periodic Continuation Along a Continuous Symmetry
Adviser: Zhihong Jeff Xia

2005 Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher
Teaching Consultant, Searle Center for Teaching Excellence

B.A., Integrated Science Program Sep 1998 — June 2001

Northwestern University
Also majored in Mathematics
Magna cum laude, departmental honors
Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Chapter of Illinois


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(2021) Salomone, M. Equal Signs: Teaching Quantitative Literacy for Equity, Equitably. DePauw University Q Center two-day faculty workshop lead facilitator, August 9-10. (Virtual Conference)

(2021) Awkward, R., Salomone, M., Winklemes, M. Authentically, Transparently, Remotely: A Statewide Program of Quantitative Literacy Faculty Development. Southeastern Massachusetts Quantitative Engagement and Literacy (SEQuEL) Annual Meeting, March 19. (Virtual Conference)

(2021) Salomone, M. & Torda, L. An Anti-Racist Case for Alternative Grading. Massachusetts Project Kaleidoscope Network Winter Meeting. (Virtual Conference)

(2020) Salomone, M. MATHCALA: A Game, a Theorem, and a Counting Problem. BSU Math Faculty Seminar, November 19. (Virtual Presentation)

(2020) Salomone, M. Equal Signs: A Justice Agenda for Quantitative Literacy. AMCOA Annual Assessment Conference, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. (Virtual Conference)

(2019) Salomone, M. The Visual Syllabus: A Platform for Inquiry and Mastery Learning. National Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning Annual Conference, Denver, Colo. Poster Presentation. June 6-8.

(2019) Awkward, R., Salomone, M., Winklemes, M. Grow Up, Branch Out: Achieving and Assessing Quantitative Literacy for the 21st Century. Statewide faculty workshop series, supported by Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. 

(2018) Salomone, M. Knot Your Average Algebra. BSU Math Faculty Seminar, March 22.

(2018) Salomone, M. Mapping a Path Through the Gateway Courses: A Plan for Responsive Supplemental Instruction. STEM faculty and staff institute, lead facilitator, Cape Cod Community College, Barnstable, Mass. Supported by National Science Foundation WIDER grant, Bridget Burger, P.I.

(2017, 2018, 2019) Salomone, M. Building Quantitative Literacy Across the Curriculum. AMCOA Annual Assessment Conference, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, Westborough, Mass.

(2017) Salomone, M. Reviving 'Rithmetic: Quantitative Literacy Across the College Curriculum. Opening Day Plenary Address, Cape Cod Community College, Barnstable, Mass., August 31.

(2017) Salomone, M. and Torosyan, R. Summer Teacher-Scholar Institute, Pedagogy Track, lead facilitators. Bridgewater State University, August 21-24.

(2017) Salomone, M. A Quantitative "Habit of Mind". BSU Math Faculty Seminar, March 27.

(2016) Salomone, M. Reason, Rhetoric, and Risk: Hooking Students with Numbers in an Election Year. Southeastern Massachusetts Quantitative Engagement and Literacy (SEQuEL) Annual Meeting, January 14.

(2015) Salomone, M. How "Quantitatively Inclined" are Incoming College Freshmen? Northeast Consortium for Quantitative Literacy (NECQL) Annual Meeting, New Haven, Conn.

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(2005) Salomone, M. Constructing N-body Action Minimizers. Midwest Dynamical Systems Conference, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn.

Teaching Experience

Mathematics Major Courses
  • Linear Algebra
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Geometry & Topology
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Real & Complex Analysis
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Knot Theory
Nonmajors Courses
  • Algebra Readiness
  • Integrated Science & Mathematics
  • Applied Calculus for Business
  • Quantitative Methods for Management
  • Mathematics for Liberal Arts
  • Strategies for Math Success

Research Interests

Teaching & Learning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Teaching and Technology
  • Faculty Development
Applied Geometry
  • Conformal Geometry & Art
  • Geometric Methods in Celestial Mechanics

Conference Service

Southern Association of Colleges & Schools - Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC)
  Reaffirmation of Lamar University, Beaumont, TX, 2021
  Lead evaluator, "Math to a Degree" Quality Enhancement Program

Southeastern Massachusetts Quantitative Engagement & Literacy (SEQuEL)
  Conference Organizer, 2016–2017

Northeast Consortium on Quantitative Literacy (NECQL)
  Conference Organizer, 2014

Mathematical Association of America, Northeast Section (MAA/NES)
Program Committee, 2012


References available upon request.