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Sergei Illarionov,,


Work experience April 2017 — September 2020

IT coordinator
Full development of E-commerce and CRM system, based on Yii2, Redis cache, jQuery, Sphinx search, LEMP, EC2 and other technologies. Full-time Remote position. - a food delivery system with a high load activity (2000 - 5000 users per day). Full CRM system on the back-end (managers can manage all the orders, delivery, payments, users. Can create a meal plan menu, generate pdf reports and so on, the system is really huge and difficult on the back-end, has different roles of users [admins, managers, editors, drivers]).

The project has a mobile app, as a user there you can do this:

1. Register and create an account
2. Login to your account
3. Manage your profile information and all your addresses
4. View the history of your orders
5. Re-order any old orders in a one click
6. See a Product List with all the information (category, price, rating, etc)
7. Add any product to Cart
8. Manage your Cart (remove products, change quantity)
9. Make an Order (fill all your data, date calendar selection, location map selection)
10. Look on Meal Plans information and make a new Meal Plan Order
11. Read Blog Articles
12. View Contacts Information and map location

All the App is developed with Apache Cordova. It all is developed by me from a scratch (all the code, design, Server API).
The website ( is developed by me too, based on Yii2.

Please look on the video about how the App works:

I've been to UAE with this contract.

Cabinet Of Curiosity April 2018 — September 2020

Yii2 web developer
The project is about the antique store (Yii2 based with project's own admin panel, written by me from scratch)

The functionality is not standard also - "on hold" products, "out of stock" products, products "as a set", scheduler for home review with a calendar (based on available dates from the admin panel), payment integrations, loyalty code discounts, pdf exports, profile history and management, marketing integrations, blog functionality, search functionality, etc.

I've been to UAE with this contract.

HTBAse (Toronto, Canada) january 2015 — april 2016

Full-Stack Web Developer
* Lead Front-End engineer of main product UI.
* Features and prototype development in JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3 transitions/animations
* Work closely with the product lead to ensure the UI development matches customers and partners expectations
* Creation of components framework for reuseable UI components, preventing excess custom code.
* Creation of prototyping framework in our Dev UI codebase for rapid HTML/CSS prototyping and UX testing.
* OOP PHP backend development
* Backend Linux bash scripts development
* Database backend works

Development of a data center system, based on opensource technologies. The system gives an interface of servers integration and connection, the dashboard and management functionality. The system has plugins of cloud solutions, virtualization, monitoring, backups, and so on.

Remote position, but I've been to Canada and worked there with the team for few weeks. december 2016 — april 2017

Yii2 web developer
Social network development, based on Yii2 and LAMP technologies, jQuery and WebSockets.
AWS EC2 and S3 configuration.
Remote position. & & (Moscow) november 2013 — january 2015

Web development & Linux administration, security tasks for IT outsourcing company, which offered
some web development and Linux configuration services, antivirus and security protection for Linux servers. (Moscow) june 2011 — november 2013

PHP team leader and CIO
1) Manager functions with a team and customers.
2) Web development
3) All of the company's server infrastructure administration (apache2 + Nginx, ssh, proftpd, MySQL, IpTables, fail2ban, Sphinx search, Memcache, php5, samba, postfix, own bash scripts and other) with Ubuntu server.

Likebox (Moscow) april 2010 — june 2011

Php developer and other
Html & CSS websites development.
PHP development with CmsMadeSimple, WordPress.
 development of the company's startup projects with a pure PHP + javascript + jQuery + MySQL technologies.
Development of Iframe social applications for Facebook and
Templates development for other different cms systems
 I've learned SEO and SMM basic skills,
 had some experience with servers and databases (Linux administration) (Moscow) january 2009 — january 2010

junior php developer
HTML & CSS code, templates and modules development for CmsMadeSimple, simple scripts and web applications. (Moscow) january 2008 — March 2008

linux Gentoo and Debian installation on servers.


frontend: html\html5, css\css3, javascript, react, jquery, ajax, bootstrap, materialize CSS. I can do adaptive pixel-perfect websites from PSD, etc

backend: PHP (with different cms & frameworks. Prefer to use Yii2), OOP, WebSockets, Sphinx search, Redis, etc.

databases: MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB

administration: opensource software and Linux servers administration skills, VPS servers, google cloud, amazon AWS EC2 and other

OS knowledge: Ubuntu/Debian, Gentoo (with manual kernel compilation and so on), Linux Mint, ArchLinux, centos and other Unix-like or Linux systems

control version systems: git (and any systems, which use git - GitHub, GitLab, bitbucket and other)

task systems: Asana, Jira, Trello, teamer, Redmine, megaplan and others.

API: social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other), google maps API, own API development skills.

other skills: apache Cordova / PhoneGap development skills, chatbot development (Slack, Telegram, Facebook), little security knowledge (can do a secure server environment for a web project), Cloudflare configuration, DNS configuration, amazon services skills (AWS ec2, s3 and so on)

languages: English (conversational), Russian (native)

for note: I have a top-rated status on, I have a B-1 Canadian visa, have a UAE work visa. Have some economics knowledge.


computer science and math 2007 — 2008

Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Courses attended.

Economics 2008 — 2012

Moscow Institute of Banking
Courses attended.

About me


I am a versatile software developer with experience in designing and building software for highly scalable and high-performance applications. Involved with multiple complete product cycles, from inception to prototyping,  development, testing to release. Experience in taking start-up ideas from concept to reality.
I have a huge web development experience (more, than 10 years). I work a lot with Yii2 framework and I really like to work with this technology. I can work with MySql, MongoDB, and other databases.

I can work with cache systems (Memcache, Redis), with third-party software (Sphinx search and other). I know different APIs (social networks, maps, and so on), can do your own API for your project.

I can manage any Linux servers (VPS\VDS or Cloud solutions, like AWS EC2), I use Linux every day in my job like the main system (I don't work with Windows), any config is not a problem for me - Apache, Nginx, PHP installation, some security configuration (firewall [ufw\iptables], ClamAV antivirus, Fail2Ban and other), I can do any updates, upgrades and so on.

Front-end development is not a problem too (I can work with html\css, javascript, jQuery, AJAX, React technologies, can use different CSS frameworks - bootstrap, materialize CSS, etc) Any serious, difficult, and high load big systems - it all is not a problem for me.

I had relocated job positions in Canada and UAE (office jobs with a team), experience in different roles in Russia (office IT jobs), and long experience of a remote job. Also please look at my CV here:

Feel free to write any questions and write about any your offers, I can review it all.
Looking forward to work with you. Thank you.