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Muhammed Demirbaş


Yıldıztepe mah. 824. sok. Nur Apt. 6/10 Altındağ



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M.Sc. Computer Science 2012 — Present

TOBB ETUCourses taken:
  • Algorithm Desing and Analysis
  • Image Processing (Project: Fire detection on stable images)
  • Internet Architecture
  • e-Government
  • Theory of Computer Science

Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering 2005 — 2011

Hacettepe UniversityComputer Science and Engineering program gives theoretical information in Computer Science consolidating it with practical projects:
  • Data structures and algorithms (analyzes of algorithms, complexity, array implementations, sparse and band matrices, generalized lists, trees, heaps, graphs, sorting algorithms etc.), Discrete Mathematical Structures.
  • Design patterns (and OOP principles)
  • Computer architecture (design at component-level), logical design (design at gate-level: boolean algebra, circuit design etc.) and related lab.
  • Several programming labs during three years, six semesters (Java, C#, C, C++, MASM, NASM, PHP, Bash, XML, MySql, PostgreSql). About 40 individual small projects including: MIX processor design (simulation) in Java, a simple SQL parser and DBMS in Java, several discrete-event simulations in C & C++ & Java, Huffman compression algorithm in NASM, socket programming in C & Java, and many others.
  • Software engineering concepts (methodologies, documentation, agile etc.) and impelementation on a Java-based web project (PrimeFaces, JSF, JSP, Hibernate, PostgreSQL)
  • Computer networks  (OSI levels, TCP/IP, network design etc.)
  • Network security  (cryptography, security protocols, malicious softwares, attacks etc.) and related lab. practice.
  • Programming languages theory (paradigms explained using Ada) and practice (a new language designed for smart-homes using Lex and Yacc)
  • Image processing fundamentals (fundamentals, enchacements, frequency and spatial domains, segmentation) and implementations using MATLAB.
  • Operating systems
  • Database Management Systems and Database Design.
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Parallel processing

Natural Science and Mathematics 2002 — 2005

Ankara Science High School (AFL)

Work experience

Milsoft July 2013 — Present

Software EngineerWorking as an agile team member in a military project which touches following concepts:
  • Binary data parsing: Developed a declarative (XML-based) generic binary data parser, a parser validator and a library of related utilities such as 'BitString'
  • High-throughput networking: Implemented a high-throughput networking library with a simple interface using reactor pattern and utilizing Java NIO.
  • Multi-threading: Implemented a concurrency library to make concurrency easier.
  • MVP: Implemented a Model-View-Presenter framework which can be used with or without Swing.
  • Domain modelling: Designed and implemented a model of military link networks, messages and communication.
  • Event-driven development: Developed an event framework which allows to easily compose decoupled components together.
Tools: IntelliJ IDEA, Maven, Nexus, Jenkins, SonarQube

AnelArGe Jan 2012 — July 2013

Software Engineer
  • Development on WSO2 ESB middleware product.
  • Apache Web Server module in C, Linux.
  • Modified a NeSSi-based Eclipse RCP application to satisfy some visualization requirements.
  • Wrote WCF, ASMX and RESTful services hosted on IIS to serve Android clients.
Used following:
  • Lang: Java, C, Batch.
  • Db: MySql, Microsoft SqlServer 2010.
  • Tech: Eclipse RCP, Eclipse plugin, Maven.
  • SOA: WCF, ASMX and RESTful services.
  • SCM: TortoiseSVN.
  • Tools: Photo and video editing using Adobe Photoshop and Premier.
  • Experimental: MS BizTalk.

ExtremeBir Jun 2011 — Dec 2011

Software EngineerTook part in requirement analysis, design, development, test and deployment steps of medical projects (PACS & RIS) using following technologies and tools:
  • Lang & Tech: C# (.NET Framework 2.0 and 4.0), WinForms, Silverlight, Linq.
  • SOA: WCF Services
  • Db: MySQL
  • Component: Telerik (Silverlight, WinForms, ORM), log4net
  • Tool: R#, Beyond Compare, HeidiSql
  • SCM: TortoiseSVN
Beside, developed internal tools to accelerate deployment process.


Spare time activity:
  • Learnt AutoIt3 for quick scripting on Windows platform.
  • Learnt Ruby for quick web development (studying Rails now).
  • Studying Oz language and Mozart system with 'Concepts, Techniques and Models of Programming'book for better understanding of programming paradigms.
  • Following codinghorror.comjoelonsoftware.comstackoverflow and quora

Interested in...

  • Being a better developer.
  • Being also a computer scientist.
  • Exploring mysterious world of network and security.
  • Exploring incredibly useful things in searching/sorting algorithms.
  • Coding for fun: Google Code Jam, Ruby...


  • Curious at learning new things, new programming languages or new features of languages.
  • Enjoyed with programming puzzles.
  • Self-confident about the potential as a developer.
  • Excited by power of Sql-like tools in exctracting desired info among big data chunks and looking for a field to satisfy this excitement.
  • And will be very pleased if catch the chance of working with guru's...


  • C#, WPF, Silverlight
  • Java, JSF, JSP
  • Hibernate, TelerikORM, Linq
  • Ruby
  • Bash, Batch, AutoIt3
  • MySql,  MS SqlServer, PostgreSql, Db4o
  • Regular expressions, XPath
  • Svn, Mercurial, Git
  • C, C++, PHP, MASM, NASM
  • Windows, Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu..), Mac
  • MS Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access
  • SoundForge, Photoshop, Premier, Quark Express